Welcome to my website. I assume that you are an inventor or have an interest in patents and, by this time, you have visited many other patent sites.
In addition to basic patent information, I also have an online shop featuring unique patented products, new inventions, and gadgets, and links to
other interesting things on my site to make it a little more fun. Who knows, we may share some other common interests.
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Whats Here
Two things inventors hear often squat and in a van

What is a Patent Agent?- We get asked that often.

My Services and Fees- What I charge for Patent Services.

Basic Patent Information- - Who Can File - Types of Patents - Patent Applications - Provisional Applications - Why File for Patent - Patent Search - What is Patentable? - Time limits - What happens after you file? - What is an amendment? - When does the application become a patent? - Patent Pending Protection - Infringement - Ownership - Disclosure Document - Foreign Protection - Invention Marketing - Record Keeping.

Websites for Inventors - Links to inventor clubs, Gov't agencies, sources, etc.

Invention Emporium - Online shop featuring unique patented products, new inventions, gadgets, toys, gift ideas and general merchandise.

Patents Available - Some of my clients' patents that are available for license or sale.

Great Beaches - Some of my favorite beaches and vacation spots.

Don't Get Scammed - How to file a complaint against an Invention Promoter

Our Five Minutes of Fame
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"Inventors Beware"

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